Leaf Supply is your go-to for all things botanical. Through our online store we offer a curated selection of botanical + self care wares that ship Australia-wide.

We’re passionate about spreading our love for plants far and wide and empowering people with knowledge to help them gain confidence when it comes to caring for, styling, gifting and owning plants. Founders Lauren and Sophia have published four plant books and have produced a growing collection of videos covering everything from how to style a sideboard to tours of special plant-filled spaces.

Here at Leaf Supply we also love creating leafy content for like-minded clients, from lush images, to plant care articles, and everything in-between.


We are your leaf suppliers

Leaf Supply, founded and run by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan, is an online destination for all things botanical. From a beautifully curated online store to lush content creation – they want to make a life with plants accessible, fun and beautiful.

Since 2018 they have published four highly successful (and award winning) plant books - Leaf Supply, Indoor Jungle, Plantopedia, and most recently Bloom. Available worldwide the books showcase the pair's passion for sharing their plant knowledge and joy in creating beautiful, flora-filled images.


Lauren Camilleri


Lauren is an art director, design obsessive and indoor plant specialist. With a degree in interior architecture and graphic design in her bones, she keeps Leaf Supply looking its best across all platforms and brings plenty of plant nous to boot.

Sophia Kaplan


With a strong connection to nature, Sophia is obsessed with the fascinating world of plants. Her communications degree, production background, and work as a floral stylist are invaluable for managing and inspiring Leaf Supply’s collaborative projects.


Partnering with like-minded people + brands leads to exciting, creativeoutcomes. From content creation to branded products, let’s worktogether.

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Best in the plant biz

There aren’t many businesses like yours that put so much care and consideration into their service.



Handmade perfection

The handmade pot looked lovely on the website and is even better in real life. I’m so happy.



Great for gifts

Always find just what I need to give my plant loving friends.



Happy customer

Absolutely loved my purchase from Leaf Supply. Will be returning to your store for sure!



Fantastic service

Fantastic service and great product. Couldn't fault the ladies at Leaf Supply.



Beautiful wares

The cutest collection of products, my plants send their thanks.